Growing Fast

In just a few short weeks, our team is growing quickly!  Rayvon has been joining us whenever he’s in town.  Now Nicky and Heather are training with us.  At tonight’s workout, Sheena expressed interest as well.  The vibe is electric.  There is a great positive energy flowing now.

Heather and Flavia are really impressive with their athletic ability.  They are gutsy, hard workers and I expect to see great things from them.


Starting to settle in

This weekend, we’re settling into Shelly’s Xtreme Fitness and getting in some good training.  Nick and Flavia are on a 20 week program to get them ready to compete in March, 2016.  I’m planning on getting into a competition in January as a training meet.  In June 2016, I’m planning to compete in the Pan American Masters Championships in Puerto Rico.

It’s a great feeling to finally train in a gym that accepts us.  So many gyms do not understand strength training.  They are either intimidated, or like a certain anti-gym, try to discourage any real training, looking to just make money off of people.  We’re looking forward to positive results from training in a better environment.

I’ve been bringing in a lot of equipment, including a lifting platform, bumper plates, kettlebells, chains and even a heavy bag for some conditioning work.

If you’re in the Poughkeepsie area and what to get in some great training in positive atmosphere, come join us.


Welcome! This is where I would like to share my passion for weightlifting. The first thing I would like to do is thank everyone who got me started and has supported me through the years.

I guess I should start with Stimpson’s House of Nutrition in Poughkeepsie. They referred me to my Coach and friend, Jim Hanlon over 15 years ago. Jim is a great coach who is the most incredibly generous person I know. He is also a very knowledgeable and skilled coach. My education started with him.

I must also thank:
Tony – a terrific friend, workout buddy and the former Empire State Games Hudson Valley Coach/Weightlifting Chair who turned over those hats to me and continued to support me after I took over. I miss the games.

Leo Totten/East Coast Gold President/Former Olympian – Our team leader and head coach, along with my ECG teammates/Coaches – including Jim Storch & Mike McKenna. Of course, the rock star attached to ECG is Mike Walters – the most amazing masseuse I have ever known!!!

Rob Arroyo – A good friend and Master’s teammate who has joined me for the last few years in competition and supported & inspired me to greater efforts.

Joe Triolo and my friends at Lost Battalion Hall – Joe’s been a great friend and helped me win the 2015 National Master’s Championship.

Additional shout outs to: Dave Miller of Fortius Weightlifting, Osman Manzanares of Nashville Weightlifting Club, Carlos Rivera, and to the next generation of lifters who inspire me to keep going and to share what I’ve learned, like: Nick, Flavia, Jonathon, and Jared Fleming and anyone else I might not have mentioned here.