Starting to settle in

This weekend, we’re settling into Shelly’s Xtreme Fitness and getting in some good training.  Nick and Flavia are on a 20 week program to get them ready to compete in March, 2016.  I’m planning on getting into a competition in January as a training meet.  In June 2016, I’m planning to compete in the Pan American Masters Championships in Puerto Rico.

It’s a great feeling to finally train in a gym that accepts us.  So many gyms do not understand strength training.  They are either intimidated, or like a certain anti-gym, try to discourage any real training, looking to just make money off of people.  We’re looking forward to positive results from training in a better environment.

I’ve been bringing in a lot of equipment, including a lifting platform, bumper plates, kettlebells, chains and even a heavy bag for some conditioning work.

If you’re in the Poughkeepsie area and what to get in some great training in positive atmosphere, come join us.

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